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Christopher C. Wright

Featured Novel

A Home on the Wasteland

a post-apocalyptic adventure

A happy suburban homemaker comes face to face with a new world as she discovers that the nuclear apocalypse came and went while she slept. Walking the careful balance between her old-world sensibilities and the hostile reality of wasteland survival, she struggles to make her own way in a place she no longer recognizes as home.

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Pandora’s Box

A group of misfits and outcasts explores the supernatural dangers of Sacramento in 1995, trying to save their town from invasion.

Tyranny: the Conquest

An agent of law tries to enforce the dark Emperor’s order upon a newly-conquered vassal state, but to what end?

Our Revolution

Two American special operatives work to destabilize a Bolivian drug cartel while reflecting on the morality of their work.

About the Author

Christopher C. Wright

Growing up in sunny California, Christopher has held a life-long interest for telling rich and imaginative stories, whether in writing or on the stage. Particularly drawn to speculative fiction, he is heavily influenced by authors such as George Orwell, Neil Gaiman, William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, Sam Shepard, and Jean-Paul Sartre.


He is passionate about writing and encouraging others to explore their own unique creative pursuits.

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